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Likeblinds focus on designing blinding and shadowing systems that can be integrated into home automation while preserving the aesthetic of the buildings.

Each product line is divided by type and developed to integrate with each other fluidly and elegantly: this is how our blinding FUSION system was born, together with our ALL SEASON pergolas and our furnishing and product design lines.

The Fusion double-folding blinding system represent an innovative solution which perfectly combines design and security. The Allseason pergola with its orientable louvers creates an intimate space even outdoor as it drains and contains rain and shadows even the hottest sun.

Like Blinds is a young and dynamic company that makes the most of its attention to the approach on the market and on each project detail, constantly on the search for new technologies and products.

Likeblinds was born to provide modern, all-round and rich in aesthetic features solutions, making use of its wide knowledge on blinding systems, outdoor/indoor spaces and interiors. Likeblinds walks side by sides with architects, constructors and designers to provide them with perfectly tailored solutions.

A skill-full and prompt technical staff follows each project from its birth to its final stage. Thanks to that, Likeblinds is able today to answer efficiently and creatively to its clients’ requests and to work successfully in both national and international markets.

Every Likeblinds project is carried out with deep knowledge in the use of materials: steel, aluminium, selected alloys, wood or glass become protagonists of a modern and performance-driven design, combining the lightness of the components with the strength and durability of each separate element.

The designing skill and the constructive know-how let Likeblinds accompany and sustain effectively every idea, would that be coming from the mind of a designer and/or customer; innovation and research guarantee a perfectly efficient product, followed by a rapid and punctual post-sale support.

A fast and efficient installation lets Likeblinds always deliver its products on time. Relying on a well-trained and skilful workforce, Likeblinds is able to develop each project with best practice and in the agreed time.

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