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Why should you choose Fusion for your project?

Fusion is not just a shutter, it is a system that supports almost every material and integrates itself perfectly with any project: the heart of the system is an aluminium frame that can be finished with custom-made components.

Thanks to the system’s design, Fusion can be flushed or fixed on the outside: its lateral guides allow the system to adapt perfectly to each hole – with hidden or in view rails. This makes the installation easy and fast. The Fusion lifts thanks to a high-performance motor. The system can then be stopped at any position with a dead man’s switch control: efficiency and safety are guaranteed by a significant resistance to weather conditions and the firmness of the system makes it particularly safe.

Fusion bends creating a shadowing overhang for the window, sheltering it from weather conditions and allowing to enjoy leaving your windows open even in adverse outside conditions. For further information about the system’s possible uses and finish materials, please consult our Projects page where you can find some of our projects.

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