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Imagine a system that could make the outdoor of your house, a public place or a building become one with the landscape; imagine that you could live the outdoor with the comforts of the indoor; imagine the pleasures of a wide peaceful place to live.

You have imagined Allseason.

Allseason is the orientable louvers pergola designed to transform the outdoor space in a place to live 365 days a year: a light and firm frame, motorized louvers that could open to the sky or close to shadow an intimate relaxing space, a led light integrated system make Allseason the perfect union between design and performance.

Stand-alone, Allseason includes a water draining system designed to let the rain flow along the lateral eaves and down the external columns; it can be also mounted on the wall, decorated with glass windows, motorized curtains and other totally customizable details that provide a product that will fit all desires.

Discover our Allseason system on our Projects page.

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